Noise barriers

Increase your comfort!

Do you own or are considering purchasing a property located near a disturbing noise source (road, rail, equipment, neighborhood, ...)?

After some research on the net you know that there are many products, that a screen can be reflective or absorbent, opaque, transparent, vegetated, made of wood, brick, concrete blocks, earth, gabion, etc.. In short, if nearly everything is possible, you still have to define what will be effective in your case!

Engage the services of an independent acoustician will help you:

  • to choose the best solution depending on the nature of the noise source, the area to protect and the location's configuration;
  • to understand the benefits, but also the limits of a noise barrier;
  • to evaluate the cost of a solution;
  • get answers to questions you ask yourself in terms of noise,...

We offer you:

  • to perform an audit of the current situation of your property, necessary to achieve a pre-feasibility study (visit and noise measurements);
  • to provide you with personalized assistance to understand your expectations and help you make the best decision;
  • to realize the optimization study of your noise barrier.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any additional information.