Bruits d'équipements

Réduisez les nuisances sonores !

Looking to reduce the noise produced by an equipment inside or outside your home?

Noisy equipment abound in our daily environment: elevators, pool machinery, pumps, filters, piping, heat pumps, air conditioners, etc..

More and more manufacturers submit their equipment to acoustic tests, which goes in the direction of better consumer information, but these tests do not guarantee the proper use of the equipment. Thus, even with a limited acoustic power, a device may generate noise or vibration for oneself or for the neighborhood. These problems can be related to:

  • a too noisy device (check your equipment's sound power level Lw before buying!);
  • improper installation and / or incorrect equipment settings;
  • the transmission of vibrations in the ground, the foundation or the structure of a building;
  • etc..

Engage the services of an independent acoustician will help you:

  • to know the legislation (eg in the case of a conflict between neighbors);
  • to characterize the impact of an operating device, by measuring its noise and / or vibration;
  • to find the most effective treatment depending on your situation and your criteria (cost, size, aesthetics, ...);
  • to get objective (we are not products seller) and personalized advice on various solutions (shields, linings, acoustic foams, anti-vibration supports, ...).

To get a quote, or to request additional information, do not hesitate to contact us.